Oct 19, 2011

Ever hear the saying “Honesty is the best policy?”  I live my life by this and I hold my friends and family to this standard as well.  A huge part of working with a recruiter is entirely honesty based as well.  How can I help you if I don’t know the whole picture?

Working with a recruiter is like dating; you are building a relationship with a person and earning trust.  If at any point a moment of dishonesty is found the entire foundation of the relationship begins to lose credibility.  This is the point where you start to wonder, “If this was a lie, what else has this person not told me?”

When I work with candidates I like to explain that in order for us to have an effective relationship we must be open with each other.  This includes if you are currently interviewing anywhere, if you like the client that I am pairing you with, even down to the little things like transportation or criminal history.   If I know the whole picture I can be effective and go to bat for you.  If you withhold information then how am I to help?

We are a team – when you tell me that you are going to do something, follow through.  I certainly will do so for you.  My goal is to help my candidates find the next step in their career and without honesty it is impossible for me to find the right fit.  Lies, excuses and not following through are all things that I cannot work with or represent.


Be honest, be relentless.



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