4 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Your Best Employees

Dec 21, 2016

Every company has top notch employees who are more productive or efficient in their jobs than others. These employees bring great value to the companies they work in, and end up making the customer and business happier in the long run. It can be a hassle making sure your employees are happy. Shouldn’t it be […]

Why You Need to Create a Personal Brand to Get Ahead in the Job Market

Dec 16, 2016

Who are you more likely to remember: someone who’s dressed like a department store mannequin, or someone who has chosen to wear bright plaid shorts with a maroon paisley button up shirt and a cowboy hat to top it off? Our bets are on the latter. Now, we’re not suggesting you dress like the example […]

Is Your Company Keeping Up With Rising Salaries?

Dec 08, 2016

Despite the federal minimum wage stagnating in many large cities, state minimum wage has increased to $15 an hour. But laws aren’t the only reason companies raise wages for their employees. With the rising cost of living, many companies realize they need to pay their employees more to help them make a living. Along with […]