A Prescription for Truth

Jun 25, 2010

Over the last 48 hours I have had some frustrations to say the least. ..3 to be exact.  Yesterday morning I awoke after a wild thunderstorm only to find that a 3 story gutter downspout had wrapped itself around my car.  This morning I was driving my other car to work and something didn’t feel […]

Full versus Fool service

Jun 17, 2010

You have got to respect anyone or any company that puts it all out on the table.  No misrepresentations, hidden agendas, exaggerations, or misleading methods.  What you see is what you get.  How frustrating is it when you pay for a product or service that is supposed to be “full service” or “top of the […]

Athletes, Beer and Champagne

Jun 15, 2010

People do not usually take a step back without an opportunity to make it up on the back end without some travesty happening as the catalyst for that change. This is where there sometimes is a disconnect between companies and the market

Viewpoint and Results

Jun 10, 2010

I have an exercise for you…..Ask a recruiter in town what the job market is like.  Now ask a Profyler, at ProfyleTracker the same question.  You might be surprised that you get two answers that are exact opposites.  The recruiter might say “If you have a while, we’ll tell you all the reasons why things […]

Local Openings

Jun 08, 2010

As I sit at Starbucks waiting for a client meeting, I thought that the next blog should actually list some of the roles that we are currently working on here in Indianapolis. I think the post would be way too long to list them all, but please consider it a sampling of the types of […]