Viewpoint and Results

Jun 10, 2010

I have an exercise for you…..Ask a recruiter in town what the job market is like.  Now ask a Profyler, at ProfyleTracker the same question.  You might be surprised that you get two answers that are exact opposites.  The recruiter might say “If you have a while, we’ll tell you all the reasons why things are so slow.”  Our Profylers will tell you “You might wanna take a seat.  Here are just a few of the opportunities we’re excited about.”

When you are evaluating your current job there are three quick questions you can ask yourself to determine your situation:  Do you like what you do?  Does your job challenge you and help you grow?  Are you being valued?  Doing this every so often is a great way to ensure that you don’t get left behind, that you remain relevant.  I have met with many people that had a great job for 10-15 years, but were never challenged, never expanded their skill set.  Then when the company closes its doors, where does that leave them?

One of the many benefits that consulting with us can offer is making sure you are aware of the opportunities that are out there.  It never hurts to have another set of eyes and ears out searching for that next great opportunity on your behalf.  If you’ve always dealt with one company or one job, how do you know if you’re being undervalued at your current job?  It is so important to become informed on your market so that your potential isn’t limited.

What do you get when you have a recruiter that not only recruits, but consultsRESULTS.

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