With a Recruiter, You Don’t Have to Choose Between Time and Money

Mar 01, 2017

time and moneyWhen it comes to the hiring process, the HR department has a lot to keep in mind. Not only do they need to find someone fast, but they also need to make sure whoever they choose works well with existing employees.

HR personnel also must worry about many other aspects of the company. They ensure current employees are being taken care of, assess candidates for promotion, figure out benefits, and help ease interpersonal communication. From confrontations over coffee to printer escapades, the HR department has a lot to worry about on any given day. Adding one more thing to the list can make the job seem impossible!

Working with a recruiter can make it easier for you to fill vacancies without neglecting the other duties you need to address. If you feel like you’re being drawn and quartered with all the directions you’re being pulled in, a recruiter can help ease your workload.

But is the cost of working with a recruiter worth the benefits you’ll gain? See for yourself.

What Does It Cost to Work With a Recruiter?

The hiring process can be incredibly expensive. On average, you’ll likely spend twice as much as you’ll pay an employee each year just to get them hired. And the longer it takes for you to find someone, the more money you’ll end up losing in the process.

When a position stays open, your company must deal with lost profits and being understaffed. You’ll also have to pay your HR department to search for the right candidate and keep your current employees happy. When your HR managers are tasked with a large volume of work, their performance can start to suffer. Think of it like a teacher who has too many children in her class. While she might do her best to help all her students succeed, in a class of 40 or 50 children, there is no way she can help them all. The same rule applies to your HR staff.

When working with a recruiter, you’ll pay significantly less than if you take the do-it-yourself approach. The exact cost of working with a recruiter depends on the agency you work with, but most charge a percentage of employee salary for helping a company fill a vacancy.

What Do You Gain from Working With a Recruiter?

Working with a recruiter can help you avoid these pitfalls, and many more. Staffing professionals excel when it comes to placing talent. Not only can they help you find the right employee, but they can also do it at break neck speeds. Their entire job consists of placing the right person with the right company, so they’ll likely find someone you can count on in no time at all.

With the amount of expertise they have at hand, the odds of you finding a great candidate are leaps and bounds better than those in Vegas.  and fill the vacancy faster than if you relied on your HR department alone.

Because recruiters don’t also need to worry about making your current employees happy, they can spend their energy on finding a rock star candidate. Staffing professionals have a large network of people who’ve never interacted with your company before, so the chances are high that they can find the perfect employee. You know, the one who never takes time off, does the job right the first time, gets along well with others, boosts your sales, without costing too much? The ones you’ve only dreamed of? Since recruiters have such a large network, it’s likely they have one or two people like that in their circles.

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Many companies hesitate when it comes to the cost of working with a recruiter. But when you look at the overall cost of hiring an employee, suddenly the price tag doesn’t seem so high. Add to that the shortened hiring time, and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.

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