So it’s Thanksgiving….

Nov 23, 2010

So it is that time of year where we all gather round the table, stuff ourselves with carbs and sugar…not to mention L-Tryptophan…and muse about the past year. Now, while I hope that this does not induce grogginess, I do want to take some time to show some thanks and recognition for those that have made this a truly incredible year for us here at ProfyleTracker.

First off, I am incredibly grateful to be allowed to parent my daughter, Courtney. She is most assuredly the reason I push as hard as I do. Being her father is also the most important thing I will ever do; nothing at work comes close. I also am very thankful for my family-my brother and parents. Their support and encouragement are incredibly important when things do not go as planned. The people that I work with-Adam, Amy, Jamey and Justin…this group truly understands the concept of team and there are no others that I would rather be building with.

Some specific clients, specifically their leadership:

Slingshot SEO– Kevin Bailey (@KevinJBailey), Jeremy Dearringer (@slingshot_SEO), and Aaron Aders (@aaronaders). To be allowed to be around these guys who are so passionate about their field and how to build a company. The sheer ethics and characteristics I see….it is truly our pleasure to be involved.

ChaCha– Scott Jones (@chachaman) and Shawn Schwegman define what I want to be when I finally grow up. They are driven and determined, and have the understanding that you will make mistakes in getting to the goal line. I credit Scott with igniting my personal sense of urgency, as well as simply being a good human being. I credit Shawn with helping my understanding in general, and with being a good friend.

Social Solutions– Jay Love may be one of the greatest humans I have ever met. He is genuinely interested in the betterment of humanity, and the people he comes into contact with. Every time I speak with him, it reinforces the idea that I hope that I am half the man he is.

There are other people in the market that we are thankful for. These are in no particular order:

Traci Dolan at Exact Target. Professionalism personified….while still taking time to assist those with questions. Her candor, integrity and values are some of the reasons she is in a league of her own in this market.

Brandon Corbin (@brandoncorbin)- from friend, patient teacher, and serial inventor….this is a dude that I have come to count on for various things. From his patience with my tech incompetence to his wanting to build things….guy is a rock star. Check out his newest venture @statssquared (Stats Squared)…..remember who told you

Elizabeth Stahl at the College Network– I am enamored with this woman’s understanding of how HR is a value-add to an organization. She is who I call when I have questions. I am a big believer in saying whatever needs to be said, and E’s candor is legendary. I truly appreciate that.

Kevin Pletcher (@pletch), RC and Nichole Mercer….some of the best friends I could ever ask for. To be honest, they should be listed in the family portion for that is how I view them. Rarely do you find people that care enough to be brutally honest…I have been very blessed to have them in our lives.

I am sure that there are people that I am forgetting. Know that though you may not have made this blog, you are in our thoughts.

To all of our clients and candidates- we are truly thankful and take very seriously the fact that you rely on us for either a great opportunity, or a superior candidate. We have not lost sight that our opportunity is pairing great talent with great companies.

Thank you all for a great year……and an even better future.

Be Relentless,


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