4 Things You’ll Get When Working with a Recruiter

Jan 20, 2017

working with a recruiterYou’ve heard that working with a recruiter will help your company fill vacancies faster. Or you’ve heard a recruiter can help you take the next step up in your career. But what can you expect when you work with one? While we can’t read the future to tell you what your exact recruiter will be like, we can give you a general impression of what sorts of qualities you can expect to see in a recruiter.

Someone who listens to what you have to say

There’s nothing worse than working with someone who doesn’t listen; they talk over you and present you with something that has nothing to do with what you asked for. While this may be unavoidable when working with coworkers, recruiters are the exact opposite.

Recruiters listen with more than just their ears, as well. Recruiters are great at reading between the lines, taking note of how you act. They’re also great at reading body language. If you meet with a potential candidate and a recruiter can see you’ve folded your arms and are holding tension in your body, they’ll probably pick up on the fact that the candidate stressed you out before you tell them so.

Someone who knows how to communicate

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a brick wall? If you have talked to a literal brick wall, you might have bigger problems. If you’ve felt like you’ve been speaking to an inanimate object, then you’re likely having a communication block.

Even when both parties have good intentions, communication blocks can come about. Unless you are equipped with several communication strategies, you might not know how to navigate obstacles when it comes to expressing yourself to a potential employer, or when it comes to representing your company’s vision.

Recruiters have the background and skills necessary to represent both sides in a workplace exchange. Recruiters also know the right way to represent a company, and how to make a potential employee look good for those who are looking to hire. Whether it be over the phone, in person, or over email, recruiters have the know how to get the message across.

Someone who’s good with people

The recruiting business deals with people. They probably deal with people more than your gossiping grandma deals with, and they do it without spreading rumors and getting into everyone’s business. Because of that, they need to know how to read people as well as form and maintain relationships.

Making matches quickly requires a proactive approach, which means juggling a variety of people and companies simultaneously. And they can do this while making everyone feel important and valued.

Someone who has a lot of resources and knows how to use them 

Most recruiters aren’t alone when it comes to placing talent. Have you ever heard of a lone recruiter? If you have, it’s likely they’re the exception and not the rule. Most of the time, recruiters work in agencies which provide them with several resources. The agency has a large pool of talented candidates to draw on when a company approaches them with a need.

Having an agency to back them up means that recruiters have access to a lot of tools. Their team can help you sort through resumes with lightning speed and fill that desk before you have time to change the nameplate.

While we can’t tell you exactly how these skills will manifest with each recruiter you work with, we can tell you that these qualities mark a skilled and successful recruiter, which is what you’ll get when working with Profyle Tracker. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer looking to fill a spot, contact us today to get started on your job search!

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