A second chance to…….start

Sep 28, 2010

There are few moments in life that offer the insight as to what could be…and the possibility therein. The birth of a child-looking in their eyes for the first time and seeing nothing but optimism; a new relationship-no baggage and nothing but opportunity; a second chance at something you thought you could not do. These are the moments that shape us and show who we are as people.

I know a little deep right? I do have a motive as there have been some recent issues that have recently resolved that fit into this mold. It has definitely made me wax a tad esoteric and re-engage some of the philosophical classes I took in college. The following should be good rules of thumb in general, but could stand either repeating or stating (depending on perspective) now:

1)      Be relentless- I know, I know!!! It is the motto of our firm. It has been mocked before, and I am sure that it will be mocked in the future. However….how lazy or passive must you be to not see the value here? There is a rationalization to being persistent. If you are passionate about whatever it is you are doing…why take “no” for an answer? How many times have you heard about a entrepreneur who simply lucked into whatever they were doing? Never, that’s how many. Every one that I know has a burning passion and refuses to sit back and wait. Nothing was ever accomplished by talking; it was done by doing.

2)      Apologize if needed- There is a line between being relentless and being a jerk. I am all for persistence, and staying on top of the situation, but there is a line to walk. I have, on more occasions than I care to mention, crossed over (John Edward has got nothing on me). This is again that opportunity to actually apologize and fix that bridge you almost burned. It takes more courage to apologize than to hide behind your ego…just saying.

3)      Follow your heart…or at least what makes sense- If you have a passion for something, do it. There is nothing worse than going to work to a job that makes your stomach churn. Either accept or get out. It took me longer than I care to admit to find my passion, but I can attest that there is nothing like it.

4)      The whole dance like no one is..blah, blah, blah. Ok, in my humble opinion, please do that. I enjoy a good laugh at a wedding when you are up “krumpin” or maybe having a seizure-hard to tell the difference from a distance. So, by all means, keep dancing. I think the larger issue here is quit worrying about the public pretension that we live in. Do what is right, regardless of public opinion. If you see something that needs done, and is correct morally, spiritually, et al, for the love of what is holy- just do it….thanks Phil Knight for the analogy.

5)      Finally-tell people the truth. About how you feel; about what happened (you know you ate the last cookie…stop kidding around); and about the situation in general. Life is too short to lie or worry about the “story”. Do what you should and you never have to concern yourself with what the spin is.

Ok…for all of you reading this, please know that it matters to me. Know that I am touched that you took time from your life to listen to me extol what I believe. Now, allow me to ask a favor…consider it in everyone’s best interest:

Quit reading…start doing. Live your life. Get out and make a difference.

Oh…and as always

Be Relentless,


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