And we’re back….

Jun 13, 2011

So it feels like it has been forever since we last posted here….and frankly that is not too far from the truth. Rather than try and explain why we have been neglectful, it is more my style to simply jump back on the (proverbial) horse and get to pontificating. So without further ado, let’s go…

The Good:

Bouncing market– We are seeing a huge jump in recent hiring throughout the country. Even locally, the paper is full of local companies talking about their aggressive hiring needs (Cummins, Slingshot, and more start-ups than I could mention). The difference is that companies are being smarter about how the source their talent, and frankly what they are looking for.

New faces-This is both a descriptor of new clients and internal changes. We have added several new favorites to our client list and two new faces internally. @nickilaycoax and Ashley Cornachione are the newest Profylers. It still is the coolest thing to watch people get excited when they realize we change lives, as well as help companies grow.

New connections– We were blessed enough to travel to Portland and spend some time with Alex Yoder at WebTrends. I have heard him speak before, and meeting him in person did not disappoint. We also have gotten to know Jennifer Holmes from IWL and ICL. What an absolutely cool and pioneering leader. We also have reconnected with some old friends, and made new. Has been an incredible process.

Wow’ed Clients– When we set out to grow this, the one thing I was certain about, and it may have been the only thing, was that we wanted to exceed client expectations. That is how we decided we wanted to grow, and what we have stayed true to. It is paying off…..we are seeing more and more clients refer us to others. This type of organic growth is what we envisioned the entire time we have been building this. As a very smart President of a local company said, always deliver more than expected.

A new address- We have decided to move offices. Though I love…did I mention love?…having Scotty’s Brewhouse (@brewhouse) in our backyard, we are moving south. DeveloperTown and a client of ours will be our new neighbors. ..In Broad Ripple. There may be a Thr3e Wise Men nearby…I guess we will survive.

Podcasts- We started a podcast with @brandoncorbin called @jobexpose. Imagine this blog, with less editing and possibly a few drinks to go around.Oh, and Brandon’s cursing as a backdrop. You should definitely check that out, and the 8ify podcast in general.

The Other:

Fallen faces- We lost a couple of faces internally; one I was glad about and one that bothered me. I guess some times in my profession; I forget what companies go through, and why our services are needed.  We also had a couple clients that we parted ways with. I know…I know…people in my business typically never quit a client. That may be one of the problems with recruiters. Companies have to understand that when we attach our names to them through a search, we are aligning with them. This then means their issues become ours. Sometimes cutting the cord is the best option.

High School Shenanigans- Sometimes as adults, we revert back to cliquish, high school ways. We recently witnessed that. I will not give credence to the issue, but know dear reader that it has caused me large laughs at the sheer ignorance and “leap in logic” it has taken some to buy in. One day, I am going to write a book.

My daughter-She received her Indiana driver’s license. That should be enough to send both sympathy and copious amounts of crown royal to me. Just saying.

Re-tooling-With the addition of new faces and clients, we are altering a few of our processes. I am sure there will be some pushback, but I honestly believe that our clients and candidates will benefit from it.

There are many more things, but as I would like to begin writing these again, I will save some for next time. I do appreciate the patience and support we have received from many people. I look forward to meeting many more of you in the upcoming months.

Be Relentless


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