How to Build a Solid Recruiter Relationship as a Business

Feb 08, 2017

How-to-Build-Strong-Business-RelationshipsIn the business world, relationships are the name of the game. Whether it’s making sure your company looks good in the public eye, or easing relations between coworkers, there’s no end to the amount and type of relationships you need to manage and be aware of. Sometimes it can feel like you’re in high school all over again with the amount and variety of connections you need to manage.

Recruiters are a great way to help you navigate workplace relationships. However, that means you need to have a good connection with the person you work with. If you use a recruiter to fill your job vacancies, knowing how to navigate and improve that relationship can benefit several areas of your company. Not only will your recruiter thank you, but your current workers will be better for working with people who fit well in the team.

The number one thing you can do to improve this relationship is communicate. As talented as most staffing professionals are, they are not mind readers. Even if they have been working with you for a while, there are some things they might not be able to pick up on. If a recruiter places someone in your company who you don’t get along with, unless you’re actively fighting with them, the recruiter might not pick up on it.

Here are some ways you can improve your communication with your recruiting agency:

Schedule Regular Times to Catch Up

While weekly meetings can feel like a drag, when used properly, they can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. Speaking in person is the easiest way to exchange information vital for both parties to do their job.

If meetings aren’t your style, find another way to catch up that suits both you and your recruiter. Can you communicate easily over lunch, or do you get too easily distracted? Will regular emails suffice, or are you unable to convey your intentions in written form? Consider all forms of communication available to you, and make sure whatever you go with will get your message across.

Be Clear About What You Need

Especially in the first stages of your recruiter relationship, being clear about what you need is crucial to making this business arrangement work. It’s easy to let the excitement of a new match up blind you to the work it takes to keep relations positive, but don’t let it.

If you aren’t willing to work with someone who roots for the rivals of your favorite sport’s team, let your recruiter know before they start looking for potential candidates. If you need someone who has a Bachelor’s Degree, put it in the job requirements before the ad is posted. Whatever it is you know you need, be sure to speak up. Even if your recruiter already knows about it, you won’t lose anything by repeating something they already know.

Keep Consistent Records

Even though you and your recruiter might have great memories, keeping records is a great way to ensure both of you stay on track. Having a record of what you need and what your recruiters have done to help you meet those needs will help you streamline future connections and reduce the need to communicate about conditions you’ve already set.

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one adding to the relationship. The key to making any relationship work out is communication. If you’re concerned about something that’s going on with your recruiter, bring it up with them!

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