My top 5 Why Factors

Sep 08, 2010

Everyone has a ‘Y” factor!  Your “Y” factor is what you work for.  For instance, my biggest “Y” factor is my family.  I want to be able to support my family and since I have kids that live in Hawaii, it’s very important to me to be able to fly them from Hawaii to Indy as much as possible.

Everyone has different reasons for why they do what they do.  Weather it’s your passion or just a day job, you do it because of your “Y” factors.  So I thought I would make a list of the top 5 “Y” factors that I come across every day.

  1. FAMILY:  This is probably the most common “Y” factor that I come across and for good reason.  I mean who wouldn’t want to support their family???

2.  MONEY:  It’s how we support our families.  It’s how we are able to do the things that we want!

3.  Success:  Some people are looking to be successful and being a part of an organization that will give them the best chance to be successful.  Success is different for everyone!  What is Success to you?

4.  Vacation:  Depending on whom you are and your responsibilities, yearly vacations, sometimes once or twice a year is what some people want.

5.  Savings:  I talked to someone the other day and they told me that they want a job that allows them to have a savings.  I asked them, “but is that your “Y” factor” and they assured me that it was.  They had never had a job where they had the opportunity to save money.  Never thought of it as a “Y” factor but completely makes sense, especially in the times we are in now!

This is something to think about!  When I get on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, all I see is….”err, another Monday” or “blah, its early, I don’t wanna go to work”.  Think about “Y” you are going to work and what you want to accomplish.

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