No One Wants To Be Average

Aug 05, 2010

No one wants to be average today!

Let me start off by saying that this is my first blog and I am caught in one of the best moods to date, so you might see me bounce all over the place.

Saying that a lot of people would get complacent after some success or a good week seems par for the course, but for me, it’s different.  I have had a decent week so far (and its only Wednesday), but I find myself wanting a lot more.  I guess some could say its greed, but I say its determination.  Determination to be better than just average…better than just getting by…and better than the next person.  This is the competitive spirit inside of me and it’s something that was planted in me way back in the day when chasing ice cream trucks were fun.

This drive has helped me this week with phone calls, talking to perspective clients, and going to football practice when its 100+ degrees outside (I play on a semi-pro team here in Indianapolis).  Speaking of practice, the Indiana Generals take on the Madison County Pirates this Saturday at Roncalli at 7pm.  Tickets are $5 and 12 and under are free.  Don’t miss it!!!!..sorry for the self serving plug

I have the luxury of a 45 minute drive to work every day which gives me the opportunity to think/  plan my day on my way in….(sorry to whoever was in the blue Toyota- next time I will make sure you are on the road and be sure to move out of your way!!  I didn’t realize the road was yours.)   Regardless, on the way in this morning I thought to myself how lucky I am to have an opportunity like the one I have working at ProfyleTracker.  It’s a great company with great people and better yet great clients.  The atmosphere in the office is dynamic and contagious, who would want to be anywhere else?  I think a lot of my determination comes from the love of my “job” (opportunity as I like to call it), but a lot of it also comes from wanting to be better at everything I do.

So I wanted to introduce myself in this first blog, and offer this pearl of wisdom:  It’s easy to put yourself on cruise when things are going well.  Try this, turn off the cruise control and slam your foot down on the gas pedal!  Go after what you want and stop waiting for it to happen.  Never be ok with being ok!

By the way, “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it!”

Be Relentless,


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