Say What?

Oct 28, 2010

We all know how hard it is these days to get a company to interview you, let alone to land the job you want.  With the unemployment rate where it is, you would think that people would make EVERY attempt to make EVERY interview count.  It just so happens to not be the case….or so it seems.

So instead of having the “caught my wife cheating on me” talk when you’re ask to talk about a moment when you faced conflict, which comes to me as a no brainer, I figured we could have a little chat about what is appropriate NOT appropriate to talk about in an interview.

The “Do Not Do” list!

#1           When asked what are your weaknesses…’s probably not a good idea to talk about how lazy you are or that you get bored easy!  This is definitely a good way to make sure you do not get the job!

#2           When asked can you remember a time when you were faced with conflict and how you handled the situation, I do believe this question is asked more towards your professional experience, as a matter of fact, I know it is.  Please do not talk about the time you caught your wife cheating on you!

#3           it’s probably a good idea to keep everything professional and leave the personal drama for the Maury show.  Just saying!

#4           If you are asked why “this company”…..there is a good chance you will not get the job if you tell them “because I need a job”.  This might be the case, but not the reason they are looking for!

#5           Lastly, in order to have a good interview, be prepared!  You should know how you’re going to respond to a question before it’s asked.

Needless to say “Cats got your tongue” does not apply here!  I think the phrase “you just put your foot in your mouth” works much better.  Yes, I am making light of the situation, but in reality it’s a shame that these things do happen.  With the economy the way it is…..I would think you would bring you “A” game every chance you get!

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