The Big Picture

Dec 01, 2010

There is one thing I try to do in every situation that I am in and that is to always learn something new.  It could be something from tips on how to promote yourself on social media sites to keeping  a mistake I made with a candidate or client from happening again.  Regardless of what it is, I think it’s very important to make sure you are learning something new.  I mean, how else are you supposed to grow as a person?

One thing that I have learned recently is that nothing is guaranteed!  There are so many ups and downs with what we do, we have become very good with dealing with these highs  and lows by making the most out of the ups and not letting the downs hold us back.  I think the balance is very important to our success.

I recently had a candidate that was spot on for a position, not only my perspective but the client’s as well.   We were told that this is the person we want, so do not show us anyone else.  Sounds great right?  Well, it’s probably not going to happen and I think that is ok.  Yes it would have been a huge deal and given me so much confidence, but I sat and thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that is the founding mission of our firm, and how we deal with every situation.  What is important to me isn’t if I make a placement; what is important to me is if that the client finds the right person for this position.  It’s easy to get side tracked and lose site of the big picture and sometimes it take stepping back and taking a good look.  Our goal is not to make placements, our goal is to help our clients build their business and be successful.  We pride ourselves on building relationships that go beyond just business.

So, to me the lesson here is that yes, nothing is guaranteed, so learn to keep your head down and  keep moving.  There are many ups and downs and we have to become good at balancing them,  but in the end if you truly have the best intentions for the people you work with, then everything works itself out!

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