What I learned ….in the past 10 days

Aug 08, 2010

I am sitting on the couch watching “Rambo”…(the new one not the one from 20 years ago…there is a difference…I swear!) and contemplating the past two weeks or so. It has been a roller coaster of rides in our world, and I think there are some true nuggets that can be shared.

The most unique thing (like I have never seen this in my entire career) was watching a gentleman start and lose a job in the span of 30 minutes. I will not get into the who, what  and where; I will however  talk about what I learned from this. We control a lot of what happens in our life; who we talk with; what school we go to; what we study; what we order at a bar. The one thing that we cannot control is the opinion of others and how they view us. The only thing that we can do is make sure that we portray ourselves as we truly want to be seen, and try to mitigate the negative. Granted, that is an overly complicated way to say treat others better than you want to be treated. It also should be viewed as a warning. Things that you do in your past that you blow off or minimize may matter to someone that will affect you later on.

We have also, in the same time, grown a relationship with a few new clients. There is nothing as….I do not think I have the word for it…special (?) as when a client ceases being just a client, and we cease being just Profylers. When that dynamic  changes and the ability to talk openly and honestly; to speak of things that really matter without the need for business rhetoric….that is one of the reasons I love what I do. We have witnessed that recently, and the sheer refreshment of it is intoxicating…..that may be the drinks we were also sharing with them. My learning here is that honestly always wins.

We also saw the end of another relationship. This one faded as it began with no fanfare or introduction music. It simply faded away. The funny thing is it had been over for quite some time; we ignored it and they said nothing.  It reminded me of a high school breakup…. We said we needed to move on…the response was they had been thinking the same for months…yada, yada, yada. As I am raising a teen daughter, I have heard her mock her friends and others in her world for uttering the same thing. That is what was running through my mind as I read that sentiment in an email to me. Our lesson here..at least for me, is that when you sense that things are one way even when explained differently…always (and did I say always?) follow your instincts.

Finally…we saw our family grow. We have a new addition at the ProfyleTracker office, and we are excited to welcome Justin to our group. There are few things as fun as watching our company grow. For that, we thank you and look forward to working with you in the near future.

As always…

Be Relentless,


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