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Jan 07, 2011

Take salary out of the equation and tell me what your ideal job would be.  This is harder than it sounds because so many people qualify a position initially based on how much they will make.  Try a different approach and think of the three most important factors that make a job the right fit for you and compensation can’t be one of them.  This is something we ask all our candidates.

Of course we talk about money but money is secondary.  Once we establish the base line for opportunities you’d be willing to consider we have more time to focus on what really matters…being happy where you work.  Unless you’re a gold digger, being in a relationship that is based solely on financial gain often doesn’t work out long term.  A minimum of 40 hours a week most of us spend at work and that is just Monday through Friday, so if you’re going to put a price on your happiness take that into consideration.

I’ve talked about New Year’s resolutions in a previous blog but along the same thread is setting your priorities.  If you are at a job where the pay is great but you leave work pissed off every day and bring that negativity home to those you love, that’s just a bad situation to be in.  Believe it or not happiness and a great salary aren’t mutually exclusive.  These opportunities do exist but if you aren’t looking you’d never know it.

I know searching for jobs is a time consuming task, but networking takes next to no time.  Get on Twitter and follow some people.  Get on Facebook and reconnect with old friend and colleagues.  Absolutely utilize LinkedIn to expand your professional network.  A large number of the people I interact with come from social media networking.  The people I have placed at various companies from these resources are not only happier, but make more money now too.  Find a job where you’re not only happy but can MAKE IT RAIN!!

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