Exception to the rule

Oct 29, 2010

Each week that goes by things get more and more interesting around the office.  If we fill 5 roles, we pick up 10 more.  Just when we wrap up a current clients needs, we sign contracts with 3 more.  Traditionally the slow time in recruiting is the last quarter of the year.  The 4th quarter this year has started off busier than any other and shows no signs of slowing down.  This fact begs the question;  Is the job market turning around or are we the exception to the rule?

I like to think the answer to both questions is yes.  Almost all of the job orders are new roles, not backfills.  One of my main clients started out 6 months ago with an initial growth plan of 60 roles over 6 months.  Almost all of these sales roles were newly created positions that would expand each of the existing teams.  Our success in filling these roles had led to a much larger role in the handling of the client’s needs, resulting in expansion to their accounting and marketing departments.  If you have an understanding of a company’s culture chances are you can be effective in much more than managing the roles you have the most experience with.

The job market is turning around.  Regardless of what the latest unemployment numbers are, anyone from new graduates to seasoned workforce veterans are finding better opportunities.  Actually we’re finding the individuals and informing them of the better opportunities.  Contrary to popular belief your dream job isn’t something you’re guaranteed that will just fall in your lap.  You have to work for it.  This means more than checking the occasional job board.  It means constantly networking and maintaining your work experience so the best version of “you” is represented in your resume.

If you haven’t read any articles on www.theonion.com , then you are missing out.  There is an article titled “Report: Unemployment High Because People Keep Blowing Their Job Interviews”.  Hilarious take on the reasons people miss out on that next great opportunity.  If you read https://profyletracker.com/blog/say-what or https://profyletracker.com/blog/the-little-things you’ll see some real life examples of a blown interview.  It’s one thing to miss out on a job because you weren’t the best candidate or didn’t have the best qualifications, it’s quite another to have the job waiting for you and miss out because your foot is in your mouth!


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