And we’re back….

Jun 13, 2011

So it feels like it has been forever since we last posted here….and frankly that is not too far from the truth. Rather than try and explain why we have been neglectful, it is more my style to simply jump back on the (proverbial) horse and get to pontificating. So without further ado, let’s go… […]

What really matters

Jan 07, 2011

Take salary out of the equation and tell me what your ideal job would be.  This is harder than it sounds because so many people qualify a position initially based on how much they will make.  Try a different approach and think of the three most important factors that make a job the right fit […]

Fa La La La La La, La La, La La

Dec 10, 2010

As I sit at my desk listening to the activity surrounding me-calls to clients and candidates, talk about the Holiday and Christmas Season,  jokes at each other’s expense, and congratulations for a multitude of things-I am amazed at what a few people of like mindedness are able to do. There is that old adage about […]

The new year…a bit early

Dec 09, 2010

I’m not the type that sits down and writes New Year’s resolutions only to forget them after the first week of January.  I am constantly reflecting on what I can do better or what I can change about myself.  There is some benefit to reflecting on the year as a whole and seeing how much […]

I’m not buying, but willing to listen

Dec 08, 2010

So everyone has had those phone calls, either late at night or early in the morning, with someone trying to sell you something or telling you why you have to have what they are pitching.  Seeing as I would consider myself a “sales guy” , I catch myself  listening to them, regardless if I am […]

You , Me and Dupree

Dec 02, 2010

Before the title scares you away I want to clear up the fact that this blog has nothing to do with that terrible movie of the same title with Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson – You, Me, and Dupree.  As a sports fan I’m a little embarrassed that I knew nothing about Marcus Dupree and […]

The Big Picture

Dec 01, 2010

There is one thing I try to do in every situation that I am in and that is to always learn something new.  It could be something from tips on how to promote yourself on social media sites to keeping  a mistake I made with a candidate or client from happening again.  Regardless of what […]

So it’s Thanksgiving….

Nov 23, 2010

So it is that time of year where we all gather round the table, stuff ourselves with carbs and sugar…not to mention L-Tryptophan…and muse about the past year. Now, while I hope that this does not induce grogginess, I do want to take some time to show some thanks and recognition for those that have […]

Too Good To Be True

Nov 18, 2010

People get jobs for all kinds of reasons.  Many times it’s because they were in the right place at the right time or they knew the right person.  Sometimes a simple introduction, a handshake and a business card is all it takes to get your foot in the door and lead to that next great […]

We are Truly Blessed

Nov 11, 2010

As the holiday season is approaching, we trend to go into “family” mode-meaning you start thinking about or planning your family trips. In my case, flying my kids in from Hawaii has been something I have been looking forward to for a while.  Why in the world would they want to leave the hot weather, […]